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On Pilgrims

I live on Tabard Street in London, one of the original streets leading into the city proper, a site where pilgrims gathered before departing the city (such as those in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales) or upon arriving in it. The entire … Continue reading

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On Life after Japan

The airplane is parked at the far end of a runway, the airport clear outside the portal, the name of my city, Fukuoka, in clear red letters. The mountains are clear in the distance, lush green trees reaching toward blue … Continue reading

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On Facebook Fans and Christmas Miracles

Irrashaimase! This Japanese Life’s Facebook page has just crossed the 2,000 fans mark. To celebrate, This Japanese Life (the book and e-books!) will be marked down by 20%! How lucky we are that this has happened so close to a … Continue reading

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On Hunting Dolphins in Japan

“The memory of getting to Japan is hazy. One day I was an animal rights activist in Los Angeles, and the next I was on my way to Taiji to help save dolphins. But I believe I was meant to … Continue reading

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On Watching Video Art in Japan

Whenever I went to art galleries in Japan – the hole-in-the-walls, not the epic institutions – I would look at videos or photographs and become immensely bored. It just seemed like a bunch of people goofing off around the house. … Continue reading

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On Friendships in Japan

One of the challenges of living in Japan was a permanent, awkward sense of imbalance in my relationships. It seemed that I, and everyone around me, was simultaneously needy and aloof.

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