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On Pilgrims

I live on Tabard Street in London, one of the original streets leading into the city proper, a site where pilgrims gathered before departing the city (such as those in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales) or upon arriving in it. The entire … Continue reading

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On Having Sex With an Octopus in Japan

There’s an old joke that any revolutionary tool mankind creates to express our highest ideals and ambitions will always simultaneously be used for pornography.

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On Drinking Coke in a Liminal State in Nepal

There’s a Tibetan word, “Bardo,” that refers to the space between different lifetimes.

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On Being a Crow in Japan

This week, another guest post from former Japanese expat Alanna Schubach.  Shortly after moving to Japan I began having a dream that would recur for the duration of my time there. There were minor variations, but the story was always … Continue reading

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On Caring About Your Lonely Friends in Japan

Not everyone who moves to Japan is lonely when they arrive, but most are by the time they leave. One can’t reasonably complain about it, of course: We do it to ourselves. But we can try to understand how loneliness … Continue reading

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On Losing Control in Japan

America, Japan has a question for you.

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