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On Hunting Dolphins in Japan

“The memory of getting to Japan is hazy. One day I was an animal rights activist in Los Angeles, and the next I was on my way to Taiji to help save dolphins. But I believe I was meant to … Continue reading

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On Getting Into the JET Program, Part Three: The Application

So we’ve looked at what the JET Program is and what it basically is looking for. Now, let’s look at the application itself. 

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On Getting Into the JET Program, Part 1: What is it?

So, some of you are probably about to embark on the mysterious journey that is the JET application process. There’s no information anywhere, no one gives you straight answers, and when people do give you answers, they’re usually snarky.

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On Having Sex With an Octopus in Japan

There’s an old joke that any revolutionary tool mankind creates to express our highest ideals and ambitions will always simultaneously be used for pornography.

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On Driving a Train Off the Rails in Japan

It was just after the morning rush on an April day in Amagasaki, a city of about half a million people close to Osaka. A JR commuter train was taking a bend on the track when it derailed, crashing into … Continue reading

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On Meeting a Strawberry in Japan

Before I came to Japan, I told myself that this was a bit of practice for dying.

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