On Selling Books in Nepal


Why not launch a book tour in Nepal?

I’m off for 21 days to peddle a suitcase full of my new book to yak merchants at the Kathmandu Barnes and Noble. In the meantime, you really should buy said book, which recently received this review:

“I have devoted every second of my increasingly rare spare time to reading it. It was very important for me to finish it quickly so that I could come back to the internet and say with full authority that it’s fantastic. I spent the last hour of my shift tonight wondering if Amazon would let me post, “A fucking triumph” as a valid review. Eryk uses surreal events in exotic settings to tell a universally relevant story. In other words, this is a science-fiction novel. Culled from his blog of the same name, this thing jumps from ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ level awkward-comedy to sincere introspection with no toll booths. In short: A fucking triumph.”

Alright! I’m on board with that. Have you read this thing?



This will be the last post about this book for at least 21 days,
unless you live in Kathmandu.

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2 Responses to On Selling Books in Nepal

  1. Karen says:

    I bought the book! Looking forward to reading it :))

  2. Polka Kilo says:

    I will do as well defo!

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