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On Doing Mass Radio Calisthenics in Japan

Everyone in Japan knows how to do Radio Taiso.

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On Eating Foreign Sushi in Japan

I turned on the TV in a Thai hostel last year, and compared international news broadcasts. Fox and MSNBC were covering the shootings in Colorado; Al Jazeera was reporting on what nations could buy with the tax revenue they lost … Continue reading

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On Smoking Cigarettes in Japan

Rene Magritte’s “Treachery of Images” shows us a picture of a pipe, then denies that a picture of a pipe is a pipe at all. Of course, we get it now: It’s a picture of a pipe. In Japan, I … Continue reading

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On Turning on the Japanese Air Conditioner

There’s nothing simple about turning on an air conditioner in Japan.

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On Forgetting Your Umbrella in Japan

When the weather changes, so does your life.

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On Letting Go of a Tree Branch in Japan

There’s about 4,000 kids outside my apartment screaming about cherry blossoms. 

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