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The Neurotic’s Travel Guide to Kyoto, Part 2

You can read part one of the Neurotic’s Travel Guide to Kyoto here.

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A Neurotic’s Travel Guide to Kyoto, Part 1

Kyoto is for lovers!

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On Writing About Rain in Japan

It’s tsuyu, rainy season, a designation determined by a group of experts without regard to actual rainfall. It rained once on the day after they had declared the end of rainy season, and that rain was designated non-rainy season rain. … Continue reading

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On Always Having an Empty Train Seat Beside You in Japan

On a recent trip to the near-abandoned coal mining town of Tagawa, I took the wrong train three times, taking me into the true inaka – Japan’s rural backwater.

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On Letting Go of a Tree Branch in Japan

There’s about 4,000 kids outside my apartment screaming about cherry blossoms. 

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On Going to a Gay Bar in Japan

The night starts by asking a cab driver to take you to a school. It’s 11 p.m. and you have no business going to a school at 11 p.m. on a Saturday night, so the driver heads toward the school … Continue reading

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