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Videos of punk, indie, glitch, electronic and other kinds of Japanese music that aren’t J-Pop.

On Law (and Order) in Japan

When I look at the Japanese justice system, I see it through the eyes of Law and Order. I imagine a Law and Order: Kabukicho edition, with one episode focusing on a university student who downloads an AKB48 album.

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On Getting Arrested for Dancing in Japan

There’s a fever sweeping Japan, inspiring city officials and police to crack down on the shady black market for a highly regulated industry linked to the sex industry, gambling, and even human trafficking. You see, since about 1948, it’s been … Continue reading

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On Record Shopping in Hong Kong

The streets are covered in computer parts and curious Chinese lozenges.

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On Being a Teenage Punk in Japan

I never really had a normal idea of what punk was. Neither does Japan.

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Ongakuyōbi: Guitar Wolf

This video is terrible sound quality, but it really doesn’t matter with Guitar Wolf. 

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Elvis in Nakasu

So this year I went back to catch a night of the Nakasu Festival. The festival is held in Fukuoka’s red-light district, full of host and hostess clubs and worse. During the festival, women from the community get together and … Continue reading

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