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On Writing a Novel

Hi everybody. It’s been a real long time. Sorry about that. I’m back with some good news, assuming you liked reading things that I’ve written. If you don’t, well, then I have some bad news: I wrote a book. It’s … Continue reading

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41 Things I Like About Japan

Sometimes I worry that all I’ve done is complain.

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On Wacky Japan (or: On Pretending to Have Fun in Japan)

Japan would like to be known for its temples, shrines, natural beauty, onsen, kimonos, and amazing food. Instead, it’s mostly known abroad for inscrutable anime and game shows where people are flung naked out of toilets without warning or screaming girls’ … Continue reading

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On Drinking Too Much in Japan

When someone assures me, with profound sincerity, that they don’t have a drinking problem, I assume they have a sincerely profound drinking problem.

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On Getting Arrested for Dancing in Japan

There’s a fever sweeping Japan, inspiring city officials and police to crack down on the shady black market for a highly regulated industry linked to the sex industry, gambling, and even human trafficking. You see, since about 1948, it’s been … Continue reading

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On Getting Ramen (and a Hangover) in Japan

I took a cardboard box full of instant ramen with me to college. 

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