Roundup: Japan bloggers

A non-Tuesday post to share some Sunday-morning-in-America love with some other blogs in Japan.

This is a blog covering Japanese children’s music – usually with videos. Full disclosure: The blogger is my girlfriend, but seriously, it’s an awesome blog. Check it out.

Cute and Delicious
The Japanese Snack Review site is a great idea I wish I’d thought of. And they get to eat as an excuse to blog. Brilliant! Also brilliant and awash in a sea of pink is Drop Dead Kawaii, chronicling Japan cuteness (with recipes!).

Photographers in Fukuoka
Andrew Marston is another Mainer living in Fukuoka. He’s also a brilliant photographer. Check him out. Chris Harber is not from Maine, but from England. I’ll link to him anyway: More great pictures using toy and cellphone cameras (as well as digital).

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