Ongakuyōbi: Cornelius

Cornelius was introduced to me back in high school as “Japan’s Beck.” This is pretty much true. 

Cornelius – aka Tokyo-born Keigo Oyamada – was a music producer whose 1997 album, Fantasma, is one of the most interesting records to come out of the Japanese underground without being totally alienating.

That said, a lot of his music is pretty experimental… which isn’t to say it’s not awesome:

Cornelius is married to musician Takeko Minekawa, who we’ll meet in next week’s “Ongakuyoubi.”

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2 Responses to Ongakuyōbi: Cornelius

  1. Haikugirl says:

    Love Cornelius! I saw him live in London twice and he was just amazing! :)

  2. jthornburg says:

    Check out the “Coloris” videogame from the Bit Generations series for Game Boy … Cornelius did the music and sound effects!

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