BRB, Malaysian Oil Rig

So this week I’m taking diving lessons on a Malaysian oil rig, hallucinating on malaria medication and looking at monkeys with disgusting noses.

In other words, I’m not on the Internet.

In the meantime, the Mitsubishi Electronic Home Assistant I’m leasing from Yodabashi Denki will be updating the blog. But I wanted to throw some extra love around the blogosphere while I’m gone.

Japanese Sleeves – My Twitter-friend and fellow Kit-Kat enthusiast has a really cool Tumblr documenting the used vinyl records she picks up in Japanese record stores. Each post is a scan of the album art with an audio sample. If you like my Ongakuyoubi series, you’ll love it.

Rora-chan at kawaiiloveyou has a blog post about passing the Japanese Driver’s Exam on her fourth try, and passes along some advice. I’m also digging the food blog she’s co-writing, which has many a fancy “Western recipe” approved for Japanese kitchens.

On the subject of food, Superhappyawesomefuntime has a post about Japan’s new Ghost-Flavored Pringles.

Just Another Day in Japan had a post a while back about iPhone games that can help you with your Japanese. And honestly, they look awesome just playing them in English. Think “Onsen Tycoon!”

On the new-arrivals front: My new friend Alecs has a new blog dedicated to life in the inaka, and Kaley in Japan is finally… in Japan.

And if you’re in Japan and you like podcasts, you owe it to yourself to check out Bad Communication for a roundup of news and friendly conversation about the expat life.

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