On Being Anxious in The Japan Times

I had a nice interview with Mads Berthelsen of The Japan Times, which ran today. He asked me about expat anxiety and we discussed whether or not This Japanese Life is a self-help guide to Japan. God help you if it’s yours.

You can read the interview over here.

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4 Responses to On Being Anxious in The Japan Times

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  2. Nice! Congrats on the interview.

  3. Heather says:

    I have been a silent reader for awhile now and I guess I just want to tell you how fascinating and one-of-a-kind your blogging truly is. This may or may not help you with figuring out your audience, but I’m a teenager who has lived all over the US. Hopefully, one day I’ll make it over to Japan haha. I pretty much have always had an interest in the little pacific island, but unlike the crazy hair colored kids who only concern themselves with anime/manga and tend to lean on the extreme side of solitariness or umm strangeness, I’m just a normal girl who’s simply into Japan as a whole. Which I guess is a big part of why I enjoy reading your posts! They cover such a wide range of topics, which is extremely refreshing when you’ve been fed the exact same “Facts About Japan” information for years where they tell you how they eat rice with chopsticks and hold sumo and karate matches. I also really enjoy the honesty and the research that goes into each post (and the sparse digressing haha). I don’t know, I just feel that your writing is under appreciated. Keep at it though! I look forward to them :)

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