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On Getting Arrested for Dancing in Japan

There’s a fever sweeping Japan, inspiring city officials and police to crack down on the shady black market for a highly regulated industry linked to the sex industry, gambling, and even human trafficking. You see, since about 1948, it’s been … Continue reading

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On Getting Ramen (and a Hangover) in Japan

I took a cardboard box full of instant ramen with me to college. 

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Elvis in Nakasu

So this year I went back to catch a night of the Nakasu Festival. The festival is held in Fukuoka’s red-light district, full of host and hostess clubs and worse. During the festival, women from the community get together and … Continue reading

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Is Japan a “Racist Monoculture”? On Anders Breivik’s Japan

As I was leaving the train station, I heard the Japanese national anthem. People were waving flags. Some guy was shouting about “gaikokujin” (“foreigners”) through a loud-speaker. I stopped and stared until a young flag-waving woman raised her bullhorn, looked … Continue reading

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On the Death of Japan

Everywhere you look, people say Japan is dying. The Economist says Japan is dying. Curators say Japan is dying. The numbers say Japan is dying. There is no dispute that the Japanese get older as the children get scarcer: Ten … Continue reading

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The DNA of a Japanese Suburb

“In many new office buildings the windows don’t open. In especially bad buildings, like the average Wal-Mart, windows are dispensed with nearly altogether. This process of disconnection from the past and the future, and from the organic patterns of weather … Continue reading

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