Off the Grid in Japan

I don’t have Internet and I’m not sure when I’ll get it. This post is being written on an iPod touch, saved on my WordPress application, and sent when I manage to sneak under an old Japanese guy’s porch.

Most of my time spent off of the Internet has been spent trying to get on it; I even used electrical tape, a tea strainer, a USB cord and a pot lid to build a DIY satelite dish to get better access to my neighbor’s wireless hub in a bid to steal it less obviously. It’s not working.

Bear with me. Japan’s high-tech infrastructure is no match for it’s beaureacracy, but I have faith that I will one day have bedside access to Facebook.

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1 Response to Off the Grid in Japan

  1. Your son says:

    Do you have a cell? If so, what kind and what carrier? I can probably find a way to tether your computer to it. It’s way slow, but it’s Internet.

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