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On Meeting a Strawberry in Japan

Before I came to Japan, I told myself that this was a bit of practice for dying.

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On Heating an Apartment in Japan

Japan does not believe in warmth without risk. You might find a heater in various offices or installed for single-room use in apartments. But more often, you won’t. Instead, you will find various life-threatening electronic devices designed to warm the … Continue reading

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Off the Grid in Japan

I don’t have Internet and I’m not sure when I’ll get it. This post is being written on an iPod touch, saved on my WordPress application, and sent when I manage to sneak under an old Japanese guy’s porch. Most … Continue reading

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On Flying, 2 | 航空二

Three hours into a 14-hour flight to Japan and already going to the bathroom is an event. Continue reading

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On Flying to Japan | 機上

My flight is a 16-hour long marathon from Boston to Newark, NJ (Why not?) and then a straight shot to Narita International Airport in Tokyo, where it will be a 2 hour flight. Continue reading

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Advice | 勧め

Three pieces of Japanese life advice from Ben Benjamin. Continue reading

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