On Facebook Fans and Christmas Miracles

Irrashaimase! This Japanese Life’s Facebook page has just crossed the 2,000 fans mark. To celebrate, This Japanese Life (the book and e-books!) will be marked down by 20%! How lucky we are that this has happened so close to a holiday celebrated by many around the world with traditional gift-giving? Indeed, that is remarkable! Maybe you would like to buy this book for some friends who may be going to Japan? Perhaps the book has material suitable for anyone going anywhere? Perhaps it does! The perfect gift for anybody bound for JET, or a culture-shocked friend. Sugoi!


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4 Responses to On Facebook Fans and Christmas Miracles

  1. Sarah says:

    Is the price already marked down, or do we need a code?

  2. Sue says:


    Createspace sent me the wrong book! I emailed twice notifying them of their mistake.
    But, I have yet to hear from these people. My credit card has been debited. You’re my
    only source of recourse. Please intervene! I really want to read your book and not some
    badly written gay/thriller/romance/apocalyptic thing that they had inadvertently posted.


    • owwls says:

      Hmmm, are you sure that ‘badly written gay/thriller/romance/apocalyptic thing’ isn’t This Japanese Life? ;)

      Just kidding – check your e-mail, I’ve sent you one.

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