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J-Cin Sundays: Godzilla vs Fukushima

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On Japanese Funerals

My first conversation about the earthquake was a week and three days after it struck. In the office, we talked about the peripheries of disaster: Blood donations, fundraisers, TV coverage. We didn’t talk about victims. When the media focused on … Continue reading

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On Watching the News in Japan

Watching the Western media explain Japan can feel like watching a caveman explain the future.

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After Disaster, Laundry.

I went to work today. Normally that wouldn’t merit a blog post, but in a country with nuclear emergencies, multiple earthquakes, rolling power outages and an active volcano, the normal stuff starts to get noteworthy. As I write this, rescue … Continue reading

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Explaining Fukushima to a 12-year-old

Nuclear Power Plant Explodes As of 12:41 a.m. JPT Saturday, a nuclear power plant had exploded, though there wasn’t a “meltdown.” As of Sunday, there was a second nuclear power plant with reactor problems, also in Fukushima. Ninety people who … Continue reading

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Earthquake, Tsunami Warnings in Japan

I’m in the yellow area in the center of the map, near Korea. So, we’re OK.

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