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Hey! I’ve just finished a two-week jaunt on an international scale – including a hike up Mt. Aso, (pictured above) – so here’s some blog housekeeping. 1. The Bridges podcast, which features a different J-blogger every week, turned his smooth … Continue reading

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It’s been a while since I gave an appreciative heads up to some awesome J-bloggers, so here are some fellow writers who’ve caught my eye: Kaley in Japan surveyed the J-Blogosphere for some advice on where to go in Japan. … Continue reading

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On Japanese Funerals

My first conversation about the earthquake was a week and three days after it struck. In the office, we talked about the peripheries of disaster: Blood donations, fundraisers, TV coverage. We didn’t talk about victims. When the media focused on … Continue reading

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On Abandoned Ski Resorts in Japan | 逃散

I spent Halloween on top of a mountain in Oita Prefecture at a 3-star resort hotel in an otherwise abandoned resort complex surrounded by rice paddies, a ski slope overrun by weeds, two empty minimalls, a locked-up bowling alley and … Continue reading

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