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On Autumn in Japan

Here, Autumn starts in August, rather than the September Equinox. It’s September now, but the temperatures still hover in the 80s, thunderstorms still threaten my daily sushi pickup, and cicadas still squawk through the trees like tortured squirrels.

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On Writing About Rain in Japan

It’s tsuyu, rainy season, a designation determined by a group of experts without regard to actual rainfall. It rained once on the day after they had declared the end of rainy season, and that rain was designated non-rainy season rain. … Continue reading

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On Letting Go of a Tree Branch in Japan

There’s about 4,000 kids outside my apartment screaming about cherry blossoms. 

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The Winter Haiku Forecast

“Writing shit about new snow for the rich is not art.” – Kobayashi Issa (trans. Robert Hass)

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On Seasons, or: On Poets Taking Over the Japanese Meteorological Service

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – The Great Gatsby There’s a central body in Japan that declares the coming and going of rain. That means that there is a weather bureaucracy, and someone stamps … Continue reading

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