My Five Most Popular Posts of the Rabbit Year H.23

The Japanese have taken to representing the “Year of the Dragon” (2012 in the Chinese Zodiac) as the “Year of the Seahorse.” Apparently the seahorse is occasionally called a “Baby Dragon,” so the early days of the dragon year are basically seahorses.

So, before a baby dragon swallows our year of the rabbit whole, here’s a “year in review” of the most popular posts from this site in the last year. In other words, here’s some filler until I get back from Hong Kong.

1. After Disaster, Laundry. (March 15, 2011)
On Japanese stoicism in the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake. [Read it]

2. How to Bow (May 10, 2011)
A post about the intricacies of bowing. [Read it]

3. On Watching the News (March 18, 2011)
“Watching the western media explain Japan is kind of like watching a caveman explain the future.” [Read it]

4. Is Japan a “Racist Monoculture?” 
The post that got a lot of angry right-wing Norwegians to check out my blog. After Anders Breivik’s attacks on children in the name of an isolated Europe, I compared his imaginary Japan with the real one. [Read it]

5. On Japanese Convenience Stores
The glory that is the konbini. [Read it]

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2 Responses to My Five Most Popular Posts of the Rabbit Year H.23

  1. I am kind of confuse about seahorse year! Was trying to find an answer in web when I come to your page. Ok try to ask other japanese friend
    Happy new year
    A baby dragon is a dragon anyway!

  2. binxbolling says:

    #5 seems to link to a different article than intended…?

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