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On Getting Ramen (and a Hangover) in Japan

I took a cardboard box full of instant ramen with me to college. 

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On Grocery Shopping in America in Japan

Costco may be in Japan, but Japan is not in Costco.

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9 More Foods to Try (Or Try to Avoid) in Japan

A few weeks ago, the fellows at Nihongoup, the online Japanese-language community, invited me to do a guest post. I went to my default Japanese conversation tactic: I started spewing out the names of foods I like. So I’ve got … Continue reading

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On Being Vegetarian in Japan

Most Japanese people don’t think twice about eating living animals. Or more accurately, they think, think again, then go ahead and eat them anyway. The savagery of dining starts small, with bars where you catch eels from a pool to … Continue reading

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On Being the Fattest

Not every kid in Japan cares about learning English, and so they use class time to work toward other life goals: Homework from other classes, arm wrestling contests or listening to their talking dictionaries pronounce various euphemisms for sex. Recently, … Continue reading

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A Link For Hungry Japanese Learners…

Anyone who has ever watched me “talk” to Japanese people may find this shocking, but I’m honored to have a guest post over at Zonjineko, one of the best Japanese-language-learning sites on the web. Because I haven’t starved to death in … Continue reading

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