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Twitter Spam or Japanese T-Shirt?

I’m not pioneering the amusement potential of “Engrish,” the mind-numbing spawn of English when used solely for decorative purposes. But while reading through the amazing computer-generated Twitter spam of horse e-books, I realized something: The two forms of completely nonsensical … Continue reading

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15 English Words You Will Only Hear in Japan

English is something of an international language, and so it tends to make out with a lot of native tongues. In Japan, I hear a lot of English phrases scattered into otherwise Japanese conversations. Most of them, however, make no … Continue reading

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On Finding a Rubbish Bin in Japan

My coat pockets are filled with scraps. I dredge up chewing gum wrappers and konbini receipts when I fish for change. There’s no garbage on the street, but there aren’t garbage cans, either; everyone just carries their trash with them. … Continue reading

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On Being Cute in Japan

“Battle not with Hello Kitty lest ye become Hello Kitty; and if you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes into you with huge eyes and a helpless disposition.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

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On Demonic Umbrellas and Japanese Banking

In Japan, many ATMs work from 9 to 5 and get weekends and holidays off. That’s better than most humans get. And the reason, I suspect, has more to do with ghosts than any bank is willing to admit.

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Elvis in Nakasu

So this year I went back to catch a night of the Nakasu Festival. The festival is held in Fukuoka’s red-light district, full of host and hostess clubs and worse. During the festival, women from the community get together and … Continue reading

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